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Atlas Foundation initiates and develops projects in several major fields that are facing most pressing challenges in the new century: education, health, environment, regional cooperation, women empowerment and new technologies.

Committed to work in these fields we are oriented towards the improvement of  society and better living standards for our citizens. We believe that education and investment in young people are the basis for a prosperous future and a better society. Proper healthcare is the backbone of a high quality lifestyle.

We invest in sustainable development and new technologies in environmental protection and energy for that is the future of today’s world with finite resources. We promote regional cooperation in the Balkans through establishment of public-private networks and cross-border models of sustainable social empowerment in order to build more efficient, innovative and sustainable models of cooperation in South-Eastern Europe. Finally, we strive to improve the position of women in society, especially in business, politics and use of new technologies.

Convinced that the prosperity of Montenegrin society lies in the affirmation of young and well-educated people, in 2000 Atlas Group started to award scholarships to the best Montenegrin graduates. This project confirms the dedication of the Atlas Group to corporate social responsibility while providing permanent education and thus ultimately helping the economic and social empowerment of the society.  Atlas Foundation identifies education as the key for success believing that the future and progress of economy and entire society significantly depend on educated people. After eleven years, the Atlas Scholarships project established its reputation while motivating young people during the whole period of their university education, with many of them receiving the support of the Atlas Group even later on.

Atlas Foundation together with Managers’ Association of Slovenia (MAS), Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) and Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) is  founding partner of the Summit100 Business Leaders of South East Europe.

Summit100 Business Leaders of SEE is an unique business initiative that gathers 100 most eminent business leaders (by invitation) from the region of South East Europe, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, with the aim to engage business leaders into the dialogue to try to shape new vision that would improve business and quality of life in the region. They participate in roundtable discussions, grouped according to the economic sectors, and discuss the impediments to and possibilities of cooperation in the region.

Summit100 is the first regional initiative of this kind, designed to be a strong, cohesive voice of future economic cooperation and, above all, for the business leaders to make a tangible contribution toward improving business relationship and competitiveness of the entire region.

Our goal is to help women in entrepreneurship while increasing their financial sustainability. Assisting the programs that encourage women’s economic empowerment will significantly contribute to the increase of women’s confidence. In today’s modern world, women should be able to actively influence civic society, economy and politics. Women empowerment process should start by motivating women to take part in decision-making processes in all sectors and levels of Montenegrin society.  Atlas Foundation will tend to network influential women leaders in business, politics, media and other sectors with young girls and women across the Balkan region. We want to make opportunities for women to actively participate in economic and political processes, and help them learn to make use of the possibilities that new technologies provide us with.


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The world is growing more interdependent and borders are pierced. We have to overcome all the differences and work together towards a common future. We see Montenegro as a positive force of integration in the region. We want to make Montenegro a forum for discourse, deliberation and development of new ideas that will help our region to abandon the disparities and try to look at the future as a common challenge. Networking and cross-border cooperation are models we want to promote to intensify democratic and economic reform processes in South-East European countries. We encourage regional cooperation in our joint path towards Euro-Atlantic integration. 

Our first activity was the Inaugural Conference “Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” that was held in Budva in May 2011, under the auspices of the Government of Montenegro and  Atlas Foundation, and in partnership with Clinton Global Initiative.

 In 2010, Dr Knežević became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and assumed an obligation to assist in the procurement of solutions to the problems which represent one of the biggest global challenges: poverty, environmental protection, healthcare and education.

Afterwards, through Atlas Foundation he started the Balkan Networking initiative by organizing the inaugural conference "Balkan initiative for social empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” in May 2011 together with the Clinton Global Initiative and the Montenegro Government. The main address at the Balkan Networking conference was given by Bill Clinton, the founder of William J. Clinton Foundation and the 42nd president of the USA, who stayed in Montenegro at the invitation of Dr Duško Knežević and on that occasion, he received the honorary doctorate degree of the Mediterranean University. 

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